Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creating an embeddable discussion forum

After trying several times, without any success, to create a discussion forum with, I tried Nabble only once and succeeded.

Now I have a forum for the wiki I'm going to use with my students this school year- We Play and Learn English Wiki.

I have created two threads: one for students' introductions and one for asking and giving help with posting in the forum.

Creating a forum with Nabble takes less than a minute, it is very easy and free. Embedding is equally easy, you only have to copy and paste the HTML code.

I can't wait to read my students' first posts.

To me the forum looks quite all right as a page of the wiki, but I'd like to hear your opinion, especially if you see something I have missed or could make better.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Sanja. Your forum looks just great! Also, exploring your wiki helped me find out what I missed...

  2. Sanja it's great!!! I love it. Will need some more time to explore it if you don't mind. Great job!!! Love it! :)