Monday, January 3, 2011

EVO session

Hello to everyone! :)

I have just been approved for PLEs and PLNs EVO session and Podcasting session. Has anyone joined those? Sanja, which one(s) are you doing?


  1. I don't even know what those are. *blush* Could you tell me? or send a link or something?

  2. Hi Dora! :) Sanja posted a link to Electronic Village Online and I had a look. There is a wide range of courses for English Teachers and they are all great. Now I have joined to three courses and I don't know how I am going to cope with all three. The courses are all free. Check this link out:

  3. I am also in for Mentoring TESOL and following Sanja's advice I sent a request to join Becoming a Webhead workshop too. Anyone with us?

  4. I'm about to take my state exams, so I can't do a thing at the moment... I can't wait to get it off my shoulders...

  5. That's a pity! :( It is fun. I am not really sure whether I can manage 4 courses or not, but I will try.
    Good luck with your exams Dora!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

  6. Sorry, Anna, I haven't seen your message before.

    I'm in Becoming a Webhead, PLEs and PLNS, Digital Storytelling and Village.

    I think I'll manage because I have two old and two new courses, I don't have to work so much for BaW and Village and I don't feel so overwhelmed.
    I advised you to join BaW because I think that session is a kind of basic one there. The community is great, too.

    I think I've seen Vladimir's profile in Digital Storytelling.
    See you!
    @ Dora: Good luck with your exams!

  7. Hi Sanja!!! Thank s for the link again. The courses are great. I love them!!!
    Vladimir was supposed to subscribe, I just didn't know which course he chose. :)
    How do you find out about EVO sessions? Do you search for them at the beginning of each year or they send you an email?

  8. BaW group is active all year round. People share ideas, projects, ask for help,... - in the Yahoo group.

  9. I have been approved for PLEs and PLNs EVO session, Digital Storytelling and Creating Vocabulary Activities, but I haven't started any work on any of them yet.
    (You know how it is Christmas, New Year, Orthodox Christmas, Orthodox New Year... :))
    The web pages for the courses are a bit confusing, how are you dealing with them, any problems?

  10. I am in PLEs and PLNs too, Vladimir. Not sure about Digital Storytelling or Creating Vocabulary activities. :(
    With PLEs and PLNs it is easy - the Moodle is for discussions - Check out the group's wiki to get info about the activities for Week 1 -
    I like it. It is really good. :)

  11. I'm in Digital Storytelling, Vladimir. You post your intro in the Forum of Grouply, then you join the group in Flickr(there is a link)and answer a question there, and you add your pin to the Google Map. I think that's all for this week.
    It's a group of very creative people, I'm sure you'll like it.

  12. Thanks Sanja for your help concerning Digitalstorytelling, I really think I couldn't have managed without you. The whole concept of grouply is very confusing - too much information, too many picture, everything's just too much.
    I have to correct myself, I don't think I have been approved for PLEs and PLNs. 'Cause when I wanted to enter the moodle today I realized that I didn't have a username, nor a password. But I'm quite satisfied with the two courses I have been approved for.

  13. Vladimir, with the Moodle you need to request a password yourself. :)