Wednesday, February 2, 2011

English Central - website

I think I really like this website. The link will take you to a Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement speech. I haven't explored everything, yet - but I really like the fact that the stories, speeches, scenes are subtitled, teachers can monitor their students' progress and students can rewind and watch videos for as many times as they like/need. 


I've been playing with the design again, I hope you all like it. :) If you don't, change it - I like design experiments. 


  1. Very interesting - both the design and the website. Thank you for sharing, Dora!

  2. Impressive speech - did you actually continue it - I will ask my studenst to try this out at home - let's see what they will come up with.
    Green design - OK.BTW I was in London in January and I was deeply disillusioned by may beloved city - this time it appeared to me so worn out. Perhaps it is just my mood. I saw King's Speech - a truly brilliant performance by Firth and Branagh(?). I bought an old American Film - Closest to heaven - has anyone seen this?